A leading US Bank was looking for a highly customizable, on-premise solution for reuse management to integrate with their existing ecosystem. Their assets were scattered and unorganized with no central repository. Lack of test case and workflow governance in different portfolios was a barrier to review quality and reuse assets.


The Solution

Infosys Smart Asset Store

The Infosys Smart Asset Store was leveraged for end-to-end management of technical and business assets effectively. It provides the ability to tap into organization and third party asset repositories. Some key features of this solution are Enterprise Reuse Management, Collaborative Development, Extensive Asset Search and Integration with IDE.

Infosys Smart Asset Store is a standalone product that manages business and technical assets for client’s IT organization. Assets include reusable code artefact, scripts, hosted services, documents, templates etc. Smart Asset Store is integrated with third party stores and with IDEs (like Eclipse, Visual Studio) via ‘Automated IDE’ plugin.



A Smart Enterprise Asset Repository


Centralized repository for usage across multiple LOB’s; 10-15 % effort savings with initial usage.

User-friendly Interface to Integrate across multiple repositories

Powerful search feature to identify re-usable test, technical test plans and test cases during early estimation phase.

Infosys Business Assurance Store


Infosys Business Assurance Store