Post a data breach, a large utilities client wanted to implement the data protection solution, but wasn’t aware of location of sensitive/confidential data within the enterprise. A list of application and data stores with sensitive data was not available, leading to inability of determining risk for applications in case of future data breaches.

There were over 530+ applications spread across various technology stacks. Applications running in Multiple Platforms Mainframe, Unix and Windows. 130+ Database from different products and versions - Oracle, DB2, Sybase, SQL Server.


The Solution

Protect enterprise data with iEDPS

The client leveraged Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite (iEDPS ) for Data Masking, Data Sub setting, Data Generation and Data Discovery solutions using algorithms patented by Infosys. Some of the key features included Synthetic data generation, Big data masking, Data sub-setting, Static and dynamic data masking,Sensitive data discovery & Discovery dashboards.



Assured data privacy abiding regional compliance laws


Improved time-to-market & ability to scale effectively to mask millions of records (any data store from VSAM to NoSQL) with excellent performance

Improved test data quality and data governance with lower cost of implementation, operations and off-shoring

iEDPS can help enterprises place necessary controls on sensitive data within their data stores