A large multinational insurance firm was looking to identify and cleanse customer records located in different application silos by adopting a supporting data cleaning tool, procedure and governance.


The Solution

Encapsulate and visualize relevant data

Infosys Data Services Suite (iDSS) identifies relevant data across technology applications and provides a customized view for various personas within the organization. The solution implemented survivorship and merging rules to identify Golden customer records. This was done by applying de-duplication rules for identifying duplicate records and data profiling & data quality to enable quality assessment of source data thereby aiding Master Data Management adoption. The Metadata Extractor helped identify system data and definitions.



Implement Data Standardization and Data Cleansing


The iDSS was used for extracting data from source files, perform data profiling and data quality analysis

The solutions saw at least 40% effort saving with use of iDSS data cleansing solution compared to a manual process without a tool

iDSS helped improve statutory accounting & processes