One of our clients who operates in the global household and personal care products space was undertaking legacy data migration from existing multiple source systems into SAP and consolidation of SAP instances. This effort required complex and high volume EDI development.


The Solution

One stop solution for SAP data upgrade

The Infosys Data Services Suite (iDSS) is leveraged by enterprises to extract data from source files, perform data profiling & data quality analysis and implement data standardization & cleansing. Some key modules are as follows; The Data Profiler and Quality Suite enables quality assessment of source data and aids MDM adoption; The Metadata Extractor helps identify system data and definitions; The Rule Builder enables data transformation based on target system and; The Data Loader imports the transformed data post which the Reconciliation Reporting module provides automated management reports.



Automated process oriented approach for delivering data workflows


iDSS delivered data workflows at onsite/offshore for data quality and enrichment, ETL, reconciliation and automated LSMW integration.

easy-to-use user interface-based options and Easy customizations for diverse source and target databases, including connectors and utilities

Lower license costs and easy offshoring led to increased Return on Investment (ROI)