A Leading International Bank was looking to improve the effectiveness of their Bank Branches’ Net New Money Process, improve Inter-LOB Referrals and increase participation in key activities.


The Solution

Increase the user participation with Gamification Platform

The Infosys Enterprise Gamification Platform (iEGP) is a custom defined gamification strategy & design configured into an enterprise gamification platform, integrated into a host application (B2E, B2B, B2C) using a set of robust gamification API services and UI-widgets, and monitored using gamification analytics to fine tune the user experience.

This platform allows enterprises to build engaging user experiences by applying principles of Game mechanics to Enterprise applications by providing rich gamification API functionality configuration app as a foundational capability to rapidly gamify apps. The multi-tenant platform supports multiple applications across the enterprise, has a customized set of 30+ distinct game mechanics and provides unified gamification experience to the end user.Businesses could also provide employee reward and recognition programs to enhance the employee engagement.



iEGP helps enhance user behaviors on key business metrics


Increase in Defect Detection Rate using Gamification techniques

Increased LOB accountability and cross-functional partnerships

Increased transparency around FSA performance and improvement markers


Amplify Business Outcomes with Infosys Gamification in Lead Management