An American Gas Utility provider was facing challenges in accurately reading analog meters. This resulted in significant efforts being put to generate bills but with errors.


The Solution

Data Extraction via Cognitive Platform

Infosys Enterprise Cognitive Platform (iECP) was leveraged to detect objects in the images and then create the repository. The iECP platform caters to a broad and growing list of use case(s) including image, voice, video, OCR, digital automation, text analytics by combining application of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Cognitive, NLP, and AI principles and techniques. The solution could provision Image upload and noise reduction, detect the Meter Identification Number and calculate the reading by determining the meter angle. All the details captured could be sent to the Billing System.



Detection of objects in complex images


The solution had Advanced Image processing techniques to read data from images

It could analyze and stream the information real time

Automatic meter reading reduced the overall time for inspection


Future of Image Technologies in Financial Services