A Rail road company wanted to have a repository with meta-data of its assets spread across US. Automating the creation of assets repository will help reduce time and error.


The Solution

Meta Data Management via iECP

The solution was to install a camera on the train to take pictures at regular intervals with location details. The images were analyzed for object detection services to recognize assets, such as whistle-posts and signals in these pictures. It also had the background removal feature.

Infosys Enterprise Cognitive Platform (iECP) was leveraged to detect objects in the images and then create the repository. The iECP platform caters to a broad and growing list of use case(s) including image, voice, video, OCR, digital automation, text analytics by combining application of Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Cognitive, NLP, and AI principles and techniques.



Automates the creation of asset (sign-posts) repository


The solution could automatically detect objects in given image

The data captured (sign posts etc.) was accurate and could be in repository

Anomalies could be detected and classified under topics


Future of Image Technologies in Financial Services