The current “Fee-for-Services” discourages integrated care, raises overall costs, unbundled payments based on number of services/visits making it skewed for the majority of the consumers. Value based Care concentrates on patient health outcomes, quality instead of quantity and helps effective rationalization of costs


The Solution

Value based health care with Adaptive Systems

Adaptive systems typically are multi-agent event-based systems. Advanced algorithms, control loops and Sensor Fusion help the system and its components to dynamically Learn, Reason & Respond in real-time to dynamic real-world conditions.

Adaptive Systems helps provide health care solutions by mastering the management of Patient Health Data and Standardization of Measures.. With the real-time decision making system, an Adaptive System can help in Predictive Diagnostics, Precision Medicine, Population Health Management, and enhance patient care in terms of lifestyle, fitness, personal, hygiene, medical, critical care. It could also cater to multiple patient touchpoints such as personalized recovery and remote monitoring. With Integrated Payments mode, Pricing and Revenue Analytics and Blockchain Payment Gateways and integration of multiple business process such as integration of existing fee structures, gross margin and revenue optimization, merging alternative payment models, etc., Adaptive Systems can enhance the overall system.



Less Medication Spend, Quicker Recovery, Reduce hospital visits for Payers

Risk reduction, Fewer claims, Bundled patient coverage for Intermediaries

Enhanced resources efficiency, Better patient engagement for Providers

Better Fulfillment, Lower Inventory Cost, Reduced Return Rate for Suppliers

Reduced R&D Costs, Patient outcome Alignment, Value pricing of drugs for Producers


Adapting to a Dynamic World through Responsive Intelligence