A large financial services company was looking to automate responses to common payment related queries. Chatbots were leveraged to manage their vendor management process.


The Solution

Automate vendor processes via Chatbots

Infosys ChatBot was integrated with Vendor database to answer common vendor queries. Infosys Nia provides a framework for enterprises to rapidly create and deploy conversational interfaces in production. It understands natural language, responds accurately to user queries, and is easy to deploy on a wide variety of platforms and interfaces. Some of the key features are the Intelligent Conversation Engine to maintain user session &co ntext with multi-language support, Bot Studio to create, monitor, test, manage and deploy chatbots, Natural Language Processing to understand tone and sentiment of conversation and Omni Channel Support to deploy through Social, Mobile, Web, Chat, or Smart Assistants.



Faster Response Time and Higher Customer Satisfaction


Significant reduction in manual effort required to answer customer queries

Higher customer satisfaction due to quick resolution of their queries

Increased Productivity, Reduction on staffing cost and better vendor experience