SFDC2D365 Migration Workbench is a comprehensive solution for SFDC to D365 CE migrations, tailored to an industry or line of business. It comprises of end to end business Process Redesign, total Data Migration, Interface & Reports realignment, and Functional Validation components to provide a complete and seamless platform migration to customers, with underlying Business and Technology consulting services.

The key building blocks of our SFDC2D365CRM Solution are –

  • Business process redesign and validation templates
  • Pre-designed integrations
  • Pre-built reports and workflows, and
  • Total Data migration

End-to-end process redesigning, data migration, interface & reports re-alignment, and functional validation


Key differentiators of our solutions are:

  • Applicability - Horizontal, applicable to all industries
  • Capability - Rich UI based configuration for Data load, validate, transform, and Migrate
  • Compatibility - SFDC – Latest CRM – D365 online / On premise
  • Customer insights - Enhance the platform with better insights about Customer

Brochure - Migration from Siebel to D365 CE made easy

Brochure - Legacy Business Application-Upgrade or Re-Implement?

Brochure - Infosys SFDC2D365CRM Solution


Challenges & Solutions

In-bult components for end-to-end Digital Marketing

Customer Self-service, service requests for special assistance and structured assignment & resolution

Comprehensive Customer 360 view and proactive customer communication for improved loyalty