An end-to-end, made for purpose solution for migration from Siebel to D365 CE, SIEBEL2D365CE offers unique metadata features, transaction data automation and reporting features which make the solution user friendly and helps it perform data migration with minimal intervention.

End-to-end Business Process Redesign with underlying Business and Technology Consulting Services


SIEBEL2D365CE Migration Solution is a comprehensive solution for Siebel CRM to D365 CE migrations, tailored to an industry or line of business. It comprises of end-to-end business process redesign, total data migration, interface and reports realignment, and functional validation components to provide a complete and seamless migration platform to customers, with underlying business and technology consulting services.

Brochure: Infosys SIEBEL2D365CE Solution


Challenges & Solutions

Provides an easy and rich user interface for configurations of mappings, validations, business rules, and transformations

  • The solution can monitor and audit the migration automatically and does not require any manual intervention
  • A report is provided after the migration is done

  • It is delivered as plug and play
  • The user has to specify the source and the destination connections to get it going
  • Very minimal settings required

The user can schedule the migration run for any time, day as per business needs very easily using configuration

  • It requires very minimal human interaction
  • It is a single click migration
  • It does not require continuous monitoring of the migration

  • The solution support SSL and transport encrypted data over the wire, especially for the online applications
  • They also support SSO where data is extracted from multiple sources