Infosys REF-OR-M SEGWAY solution facilitates Waste Producers, Waste Collectors & Waste Processors with end-to-end processes, workflows, experience layer and preconfigured data model to navigate the different stages of Waste Management such as Pick Up & Transfer, Collection & Weighing, Segregation & Processing in a seamless manner.


  • Digital Experience for Producers*
  • Waste Pickup & Transfer for Waste Collectors*
  • Contract Management among Waste Ecosystem Players covering Sales & Marketing*

Segregate & Track Waste the Right Way with Infosys REF-OR-M SEGWAY Solution

  • Paperless & prebuilt configurable data model for Waste Management covering Waste Types – Hazardous, Non-Hazardous etc.
  • Waste Management Process governing the Lifecyle of Waste Management covering Collection & Weighing, Segregation, Processing
  • 360 View of Waste Station detailed insights on Collection and other KPIs
  • Goal Management & regular goal checks for waste station/company to keep track of important KPIs
  • IoT Enabled Tracking & Waste Control Center for actionable insights on Waste and Waste Management KPIs

Challenges & Solutions

Automated & Accurate Data Management on Cloud

Easy Plug-n-Play with pre-existing ERP & Other Systems