NoSQL databases offer compelling benefits in terms of performance, cost and developer efficiency. The Infosys NoSQL migration solution helps organizations rapidly deploy best-fit NoSQL databases to accelerate their digital journeys.

Infosys helps organizations speedily migrate to NoSQL databases and modernize their data landscape. Our tool-led approach provides a low-risk pathway to embrace the right-fit NoSQL database and further scale up usage at the enterprise level.

Learn how Infosys can help rapidly adopt NoSQL databases to modernize your data landscape


Infosys NoSQL migration solution helps organizations rapidly adopt NoSQL databases to modernize their data landscape. The tools we bring to the table simplify the complex aspects of NoSQL implementations such as selection, modelling, migration, and testing. These tools have been forged from the decades of experience Infosys has garnered across industry verticals and types of programs, and are constantly refined through on-the-ground feedback from project teams. Our experts are well versed in the nuances of various NoSQL databases and apply their knowledge to every new migration or implementation. We leverage our strong partnerships with NoSQL database vendors to gain advance knowledge of upcoming releases and features for the benefit of our clients.


Challenges & Solutions

Selecting the right NoSQL database is not easy given the large number of very competent but different NoSQL databases. If the product is chosen before the architecture is finalized, it may result in low application performance.

The Infosys NoSQL Assessment Framework provides an “architecture first” approach that does a structured assessment of application requirements to choose the right-fit database solution.

NoSQL databases provide a high degree of flexibility around schemas, but they still require careful consideration while building the data model. A poor data model can cripple application functionality and performance.

The Infosys NoSQL Modeler analyzes access patterns from applications and recommends a performant document data model. This tool draws upon Infosys’ expertise in implementing NoSQL databases across a variety of industries and functional situations. It offers a model that will provide the optimal level of storage optimization along with high application performance.

NoSQL databases store data in structures that are fundamentally different from traditional RDBMS. Moving data between these is a task that is complex and error-prone.

Our tools – Infosys Data Services Suite and Infosys Data Testing Workbench – make the task of moving data from RDBMS to NoSQL databases simpler with high analyst productivity and complete quality assurance.