Exclusive POV by NelsonHall on Infosys  Intelligent Enterprise for SAP

NelsonHall Analyst and Research Director, David McIntire, has published an exclusive POV on ‘Infosys Intelligent Enterprise for SAP.’ The POV positions the Infosys Intelligent Enterprise platform as a fully-equipped platform to meet the SAP modernization needs of organizations. It also acknowledges its capabilities to address the challenges inherent in conventional ERP systems.

In the POV David discusses the potential of this platform; how it will enable ERP digitalization; the role of artificial intelligence across the SAP stack; and the scope of enhancing AI capabilities across the platform.
Excerpts from the point of view

  • Infosys is tackling some of the most stubborn ERP challenges through digital re-engineering, leveraging technological advancement, reimagining the enterprise, and revamping user experience
  • Infosys Intelligent Enterprise combines Nia (Infosys knowledge-based AI platform), AssistEdge (RPA platform), and ValuePLUS (SAP application management framework). It also integrates directly with SAP products including Leonardo and Solution Manager, while leveraging HANA’s native machine learning capability with other machine learning technologies
  • Given the broad scope and impact of Intelligent Enterprise implementation Infosys has a key focus on governance and change management which ensures clients and their employees can realize planned benefits quickly