As the climate crisis continues to unfurl, the need to integrate sustainable practices into business has become more critical and urgent than ever before. By implementing sustainability, organizations are able to commit to corporate social responsibility more deeply and reduce their adverse impact on the environment.

With the incoming climate regulations, investor pressure and consumer expectations are constantly mounting. As a result, sustainability has emerged as one of the most researched topics and a strategic corporate goal across industries.

The transition to a low-carbon economy and more sustainable business models is a compelling requirement for today’s enterprise.

With our strong expertise in this space and armed with innovative digital solutions built on SAP platforms, Infosys can assist you at each step of your sustainability journey. Right from understanding the environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) risks to your business, we assess your sustainability goals, build a sustainability-focused transformation roadmap, and become your strategic and tactical implementation partner to help you achieve those goals. Infosys has adopted sustainability well ahead of our time.

So, we can say with conviction that we understand what it means to be sustainable. We have a worldwide team of experts to help enterprises weave sustainability into their fabric.

A robust partner for your sustainability journey


Use cases for leveraging existing SAP investments in supply chain solutions

Procurement and supply chain

  • End-to-end tracking and monitoring of  the entire supply chain, including vendor and partner supply chains
  • Adopting advanced functionalities in warehouse management
  • Visibility to enable responsible sourcing of goods and services
  • Improved collaboration and trust among partners using smart contracts

Logistics and transport

  • Tracking sustainable packaging
  • Tracking and monitoring reverse logistics
  • Tracking the extent of scope 3 emissions
  • Leveraging automated route/transport optimization and emission optimized logistics
  • Enabling regulatory compliance reporting
  • Leveraging intelligent full truckload (FTL) solutions

Product life cycle management

  • Customer feedback-based design for sustainability
  • Product quality frameworks with sustainability checks included
  • Serialization, RFID tagging to track the post-sales visibility of products
  • Repairability and modularity in product design
  • Technology support to offer product as a service

Production and operations

  • Tracking and reporting environmental impact of the production process – greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at each stage
  • Tracking the usage of recycled products/co-mingled products in place of the virgin raw materials in the production process
  • Recycling and reuse of water consumed in operations
  • Incorporating and invoking safety procedures in the production process

Asset management

  • Sustainable dismantling of the retired assets
  • Spare parts management that provides sustainable replacement parts
  • Streamlined repair processes
  • Tracking, reporting and reducing wastage KPIs
  • Cost reduction through optimized maintenance planning and scheduling
  • Predictive maintenance schedules

Employee health and safety

  • Reduce effort in regulatory reporting and improve tracking of compliance and corrective actions with real-time analytics and direct integration of data sources
  • Increase enterprise visibility with central repository of incidents and events
  • Reduce pollution with chemical management


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys partners with enterprise stakeholders to help assess the ESG impact of your enterprise and build a transformation roadmap to achieve the goals. Our collective experience in implementing business transformation programs helps us assess your process and digital gaps accurately and then effectively estimate the correct effort, change impact, and cost.

Infosys assessment and roadmap offering helps enterprises choose the right digital product as well as the best deployment approach for them. Our in-depth expertise in a variety of sustainability solutions in the market, coupled with our industry knowledge, ensures an unbiased and completely objective tool selection process.

Infosys offers a wide range of in-house sustainability solutions. Hence we can quickly bring to life the right sustainability solution in a customer-demonstrable view. This provides an early feel of the solution which can be readily associated with later.

We help companies adopt process changes prior to technical implementations, ensuring success through the transformation process. Through extensive process-level workshops and rapid prototyping, we identify future challenges and help design exact process flows that guide roadmap development.