The client is one of the world’s largest consumer goods companies.

Infosys has been a strategic partner of the client for over 10 years and currently supports the client’s global master data services across multiple technologies and platforms via 24*7 AMS engagement.

The client embarked on a transformation journey with the aim to reduce existing AMS efforts by 50%. Infosys took the lead in helping the client reach this ambitious target by implementing automation and adopting a cloud-based digital tools framework.

Key Challenges

  • Long wait time for simple queries such as product release status
  • SAP system access limited to key users only
  • Complex SAP and IT architecture made it difficult for end users to get real-time master data status on their own
  • Multi-step process with a lead time of 4-5 days for simple master data distribution requests
  • Delayed master data maintenance impacting critical business processes like order, shipping, and invoicing

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The Solution

Implementation of a service bot to automate master data processes

Infosys designed a service bot to address the client team’s queries on the master data. The client team can now post simple questions to the service bot which then fetches information from multiple SAP and non-SAP systems and presents it to users within seconds. Users can also submit service requests for data maintenance/correction and distribution.

The service bot has helped the client reduce the effort expended by their helpdesk and technical teams to address user queries and requests.

  • The service bot was developed using Microsoft Azure Bot framework and Python scripts
  • The bot easily interacts with any non-SAP applications via REST API and with SAP applications using Boomi middleware
  • Intuitive UI and seamless integration with multiple platforms such as Microsoft Teams and ServiceNow for ease of user access


Reduction in lead time for resolution of routine requests and requests for information from hours and days to a few minutes or seconds

Increase in end-user efficiency and productivity by up to 20%

Improvement in Mean Time to Resolution (MTTR) by 95%

Increase in efficiency and productivity leading to about US $100,000 savings each year

Scalable solution to accommodate new use case requests

Reusable solution that can be adopted by other service lines leading to additional productivity gains