The client is a global agri-tech leader operating in 80+ countries. They had recognized the importance of capturing feedback from its customers to ensure exceptional experience.

Key Challenges

The client had been using an annual net promoter score (NPS) to gauge customer satisfaction. However, this approach encountered several roadblocks:

  • Risk of diluted feedback: The survey was conducted annually with a high likelihood that customers would be unable to recall the actual delivery experience.
  • Lack of defined action plans: Lack of a link between the particular transaction and the annual feedback led to the inability to develop specific action plan proposals.
  • Feedback from replaced warehouse operators: The potential change in operators between the transaction and feedback recording could lead to unreliable responses from new operators.

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The Solution

Customer experience measurement using Qualtrics

To help overcome these challenges, we partnered with the client to implement Qualtrics to enable real-time customer feedback. We designed the key customer experience touchpoints identified by the client, including ordering, delivery, and customer complaint management, helping the customer experience management team act on customer feedback effectively.

The implementation of these touchpoints, together with Infosys' technical expertise, enhanced customer satisfaction and improved client retention. Following the initial successful launch of the first pilot for a few US-based partners, the client decided to expand its implementation globally, including countries such as Italy, Canada, Mexico, Indonesia, Thailand, Russia, Bangladesh, etc. and regions like CAC and Andean.

Infosys Solution:

  • Real-time feedback: Blended with ERP solutions, Infosys implemented real-time feedback surveys that enable customers to provide instant feedback by scanning a QR code.
  • Streamlined touchpoints: The client shared three critical touchpoints with us: ordering, delivery, and customer complaint management. We then worked on incorporating these touchpoints into the system.
  • Closed-loop feedback system: We developed a closed-loop feedback system, triggering real-time emails to the business on the identification of a detractor or contact request from a promoter.
  • Salesforce integration: Infosys provided technical expertise in integrating the solution with Salesforce, facilitating the creation of complaints in Salesforce and the automatic assignment of representatives to address negative sentiments within the designated service level agreement (SLA) framework.

The collaboration with the SAP ERP team at Infosys helped implement the following solutions:

  • Enabling customers to provide feedback in real-time by scanning the QR code for each delivery.
  • Proactive resolution of customer issues by promptly contacting detractors and effectively managing customer churn
  • Implementation of capturing the unique delivery ID in the system to prevent multiple feedback submissions for the same delivery, ensuring reliable survey data collected through the QR codes.
  • Adherence to privacy norms by storing only transactional data and excluding personally identifiable information (PII)


Near real-time customer experience measurement

Near real-time customer experience measurement:

Ensuring clear and immediate feedback linked to specific transactions

Improved customer retention and loyalty

Improved customer retention and loyalty:

Continuously enhancing the experience for every customer across multiple regions onto a single platform helped enhance customer retention and loyalty along with process efficiency

Business process improvement opportunities

Business process improvement opportunities:

Addressing dissatisfied customers and driving action plans for business process improvement