The client is a leading US-based automotive OEM with global manufacturing and warehousing operations.

The client partnered with Infosys to implement decentral Enterprise Warehouse Management (EWM) 1809 on SAP S/4HANA across their manufacturing warehouses. Infosys also designed and developed the business processes for the on-premises warehouse management solution.

Key Challenges

  • Sub-optimal warehouse operations with non-harmonized processes
  • Low inventory accuracy, leading to parts shortages and impacting production targets
  • Complex integration required with shop floor systems and the mainframe-based ERP

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The Solution

Design and implementation of global warehouse processes solution

Infosys successfully designed and deployed a global warehouse solution using decentral SAP S/4HANA EWM 1809. We standardized, configured, tested, and implemented warehousing processes in the areas of parts receipt, inventory management, kitting, and parts shipping. The processes were finalized and standardized through a show-and-tell demo conducted using the global workshop feature of Infosys Catalyst. A pre-configured solution that is part of Infosys Cobalt, Infosys Catalyst was tailored for the client’s specific requirements.

Infosys leveraged the agile methodology for iteration planning, backlog management and iteration execution. The design and use of global configuration elements and development ensured faster deployment of the business solution to the warehouse.

  • Designed the global template solution using agile methodology with over 90% business process standardization
  • This is the first of its kind SAP decentral EWM SAP S/4HANA 1809 integration with a mainframe-based legacy ERP system
  • Enabled key warehouse processes through handheld radio frequency (RF) devices along with process exceptions handling. This gives warehouse workers a guided scanner solution
  • Configured the SAP S/4HANA EWM Warehouse Monitor for real-time dashboard information on parts and processes at any given time


Standardized the warehouse processes for parts receipt, inventory management, parts shipping and lineside replenishment, leading to uniform ways of working globally

Improved warehouse operations through automation of processes for supplier’s advance shipping notification (ASN) management, parts receipt and putaway, synchronized management of picking requests, kitting order management, lineside parts issues and replenishment

Reduced parts shortages by increasing inventory accuracy and inventory management

Increased visibility into warehouse operations through the SAP S/4HANA EWM Warehouse Monitor


Enhanced operations throughput and improved velocity of parts movement in the warehouse through the handheld scanner-based guided solution


Improved employee experience across warehouses through Fiori Apps that manage warehouse operations