The client is the world’s leading gold mining company and a producer of copper, silver, zinc, and lead. The company relies heavily on SAP to manage its world-class portfolio of mining assets for its geographically distributed SAP users numbering over 13,000.

The client recently acquired another large gold mining company. Their strategic objective was to integrate the SAP landscapes of both companies into a single cloud-managed environment, ensure digital innovation using cloud technologies and prepare for SAP S/4HANA implementation in future.

Key Challenges

  • Migrate large volume of data in minimal possible downtime and avoid business disruptions
  • Ensure data integrity for audit compliance
  • Overcome compatibility challenges with parallel third-party upgrades such as OpenText, zOption, BSI, EPIUSE
  • Ensure consistent user experience after migration
  • Reduce total cost of operations due to high IT overhead cost involved in maintaining the legacy on-premises SAP systems

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The Solution

Digging for digital innovations by migrating SAP support landscape from on-premises to AWS leveraging Infosys Cobalt

Infosys migrated SAP support landscape from on-premises to AWS for a 5TB SAP system using an accelerated migration approach, part of Infosys Cobalt, within 7 hours of downtime. This ensured higher uptime of SAP for productive use by business users during migration.

The migration strategy involved:

  • Scoping the roadmap for all SAP workloads, grouping and replicating data across 10G network tunnel with aggressive timeline, and optimized sizing of AWS EC2 instances
  • Splitting of application instance to a high compute environment to carry out upgrade with database migration option. This enabled upgrade and migration in a single step and replicating from source (on-premises) to target (AWS)
  • Data integrity checks for the migrated tables
  • Introducing AWS application load balancer and external web dispatcher to handle external HTTPS requests from the internet
  • Establishing connectivity across systems and validated interfaces with third party applications

Accelerated approach for SAP migration to AWS leveraging Infosys Cobalt

  • Optimized downtime migration with roll-back option
  • Introduced move groups for SAP loads to optimize network bandwidth from on-premises to AWS
  • Data volume management to optimize migration timeline
  • Seamless integration with third party and 200+ interfaces after migration to AWS cloud


Cost optimization through AWS hosting with transparency in cost allocation of compute resources

3x compression of migrated data from Oracle to Suite on HANA

Minimized downtime of migration (under 7 hours during mock run)

Validated data integrity for SOx compliance

Architected for superior SAP performance after migration

Enhanced user experience