As we naturally evolve our decades of legacy in the Europe, we open our new Digital Innovation Center in Bucharest and we will be hiring European talent in Romania. We are also investing in Cyber security design studio in Bucharest, to enhance our ability to deliver design-driven, digital technologies across the country.

In partnership with University of Bucharest and Politehnica University of Bucharest we will focus on developing the skills and capabilities required to bridge the skill gap in the European market and help our clients in their digital future.

Infosys' investment in Romania will build on the company's commitment to continuous learning, ecosystem collaboration and focus on achieving breakthrough innovations for clients.

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Why Romania

Strong STEM-focused education system.

Vast talent pool of highly skilled engineers.

Multilingual Workforce.

A growing entrepreneurial culture and a vibrant start up sector.

We remain focused on developing technology skills in areas including Cyber security, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, User Experience Design, and advanced digital technologies like Cloud and Big Data.

This investment builds on our commitment to the communities across the Europe in which our employees live and work.


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