Building a sustainable tomorrow — in small steps and big leaps

Our goals are closely aligned with our company strategy and focus areas. While we continue to set audacious long-term goals across our focus areas to achieve transformative changes, we use our annual goal-setting program for achieving more immediate outcomes. For fiscal 2017, we have set our sights on fulfilling goals that will further our sustainability agenda.


Encouraging scientific research

We believe that spreading the culture of science and research will help inspire young researchers and students.

We instituted the Infosys Prize in 2009. Till 2016, we have honored 44 eminent scientists and researchers with the Infosys Prize.

  • Continue to recognize researchers and scientists in six categories through the Infosys Prize
Employee volunteerism

We inculcate the spirit of responsible citizenship among our employees — through our volunteer teams and a special community service sabbatical scheme to encourage employees to give back to society.

We introduced the volunteering tool to capture volunteering efforts of employees and communicate volunteering campaigns.

  • Continue to work with Infoscions and their families to build awareness and inspire informed action on social and environmental themes
  • Create volunteering projects for employees to participate in and become agents of change
Corporate social responsibility

We are committed to the communities in which we operate. Through the Infosys Foundation, we support programs across India in the areas of education, healthcare, rural development, art and culture and destitute care. We will inspire children, young adults and educators to become creators of technology through the Infosys Foundation USA.

We have worked on various programs for the most needy and remote communities. Read more

We have made great strides in computer science training in schools. Read more

  • Continue to spearhead social transformation programs for the most needy and remote communities across India through the Infosys Foundation
  • Expand professional development in computer science, coding and making for teachers, and boost hands-on experience for children in under-represented schools and communities



'Doing more with less' is our resource conservation mantra. We tap into cutting-edge technologies and use our sprawling campuses as live labs to find new ways of conserving energy.

We have reduced our per capita electricity consumption by 51% as of fiscal 2017 against the baseline figure of fiscal 2008 at our India locations – achieving the goal one year ahead of the target year!

As of FY17, we have installed total 15.2 MW solar plant on the roof top of our campus and as ground mount installations.

We have met 44.6% of our electricity requirements from renewable energy sources.

  • We shall maintain our fiscal 2017 performance in terms of per capita electricity consumption
  • We will install new solar PV that will take our total installed capacity to 40 MW
  • We will meet 50% of our electricity requirements from renewable energy sources

Every drop of water matters to us. We rely on treating and recycling water to reduce our dependence on fresh water.

We have reduced our per capita fresh water consumption by 46% as of fiscal 2017 against the baseline figure of fiscal 2008 at our India locations.

  • We shall maintain our fiscal 2017 performance in terms of per capita water consumption

We are committed to managing our waste for a minimal impact on the planet.

As of FY17, 63% food waste is treated through composting or biogas plants.

  • Treat 100% of our food waste onsite through composting or for generating biogas

We are committed to creating and preserving biodiversity on our campuses.

In FY17, we have planted 63,066 trees across our campuses.

  • We will continue to nurture the saplings we have planted on our campuses

We are sensitive about carbon emissions and the impact they have on the climate.

In FY17, we have met 44.6% of our electricity requirements from renewable energy sources (both onsite power and green power procurement).

We have secured projects till date that can contribute to about 80% of our carbon offset (scope 1 and scope 3 emission) requirements for FY18.

  • We will reduce our indirect emissions through use of grid electricity (scope 2) by 50%
  • We will deliver 50% of the estimated carbon offset requirement (scope 1 and scope 3) for FY18


Employee well-being

Our employees are our biggest assets, and utmost importance is given in creating a conducive environment where they can thrive as professionals and individuals.

We launched Compass, a digital platform to mobilize opportunities on Careers, Learning and Networks.

  • Continue to facilitate the all-round development of our employees through our HALE program
  • Create opportunities for professional growth by bringing new and relevant training programs
  • Work towards achieving 25% women ratio in the executive leadership of the company by 2020
Business sustainability

Our business sustainability strategy is about bringing value to our stakeholders through consistent performance and innovative solutions for clients.

We deployed the Zero Distance program across Infosys, worldwide.

  • Concentrate on grassroots innovation and be at zero distance from our clients
  • Define problems for our clients and co-create solutions in Design Thinking mode

We believe that education is the best tool to make our available talent pool ready for the industry.

In FY17 1,000+ faculty and 44,000+ students were trained and around 55 institutes/universities have adopted and rolled out our industrial electives.

  • Continue to train faculty and students from partner engineering colleges under our Campus Connect program
  • Work with universities and institutes of higher learning to adopt and roll out industrial elective subjects