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Started in 1981 by seven engineers and a capital of USD 250, Infosys has today gone on to become a global leader in consulting, technology, and outsourcing solutions. Our unique approach to helping businesses flourish means that we don't just solve the problems our clients bring to us; rather, we identify the problems that are hindering the growth of enterprises and pursue them till they are solved. This approach has helped us nurture lasting relationships with organizations, so that 96.6 percent of our revenues come from existing clients. Today, Infosys has a growing global presence with over 85 offices and 100 development centers across Asia-Pacific, Americas, Europe and Middle East. Yet, we're certain that there is a lot more for us to be, create and achieve.

At Infosys, we believe that we're not just in the business of designing software and providing software services. We're in the business of reshaping and improving everything around us. The software and services we deliver are just a means to this end. They offers us an opportunity to discover innovative and intelligent ways of solving real world challenges; like taking banking to the most remote parts of the world, helping consumers identify counterfeit medication, finding ways to check money laundering, and making flying more comfortable, and affordable than it ever was.

Problem finders on a mission

Anyone can solve a problem: we all learned how to do that in second grade. But it takes a special kind of person to look beyond the stated problem and see the deeper challenges, the hidden issues that could unlock unimaginable value if we only understood their relevance.

We call those people Problem Finders, and we are building a posse of them at Infosys. That’s why we’ve partnered with Stanford University’s d. School and our own corporate university to train more than 67,000 employees in the last year alone. Our clients are already seeing a difference in the way we engage with them, and they’re excited about it.

This is Design Thinking on an unprecedented scale, and we believe it will disrupt our industry.

But we’re not done. We are bringing these critical skills to each of our 190,000+ employees around the world, from software developers and cloud architects to HR professionals and lawyers. We’re taking great people, and helping them become amazing Problem Finders.

Isn’t that an investment that your career deserves?

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Delivering value to our clients is on the top of our agenda. Not surprisingly, our clients have come to think of us as vital to their success. Listen to what some of them have to say about their experience working with us.


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