CAA Partners With Infosys for Its Seamless and Innovative Digital Transformation

Join us in this insightful testimonial from CAA's key executives, Matthew Turack, Group President, Apra Sekhon, Chief Innovation Officer, Sathya Parthasarathy, VP of application delivery and Abhinav Khare, Assistant VP, as they highlight their transformative journey, key success factors, and the role of Infosys's partnership in achieving a critical Guidewire upgrade.

CAA leaders share how Infosys helped them meet complexities with precision, fast-tracked innovations with strategic planning, and revamped business structures with minimal disruption. This is a testament to Infosys’ global expertise seamlessly integrated into the Canadian landscape, ensuring the 11-month project was not just delivered as planned but exceeded expectations.

Watch the video to learn how CAA partnered with Infosys to create a synergy of collaboration, excellence, and strategic vision.