a.s.r. Netherlands partners with Infosys for enhanced operational and business efficiencies

a.s.r. Netherlands is a leading Dutch insurance company. They are 300 years old and 4000 people in size. a.s.r. is one of the top 5 insurance providers in the Dutch market and sells all types of insurance to six million customers.

John Adegeest, Director, IT and Change, says they chose to partner with Infosys, because they found the company came closest by way of a shared culture with a.s.r. Since then, what started small has scaled to a bigger initiative of outsourced IT and business processing for life insurance and pension.

‘The quality and commitment of colleagues from Infosys is tremendous. The intention to do things right and keep improving is outstanding and works well with a.s.r. principles,’ adds John.

The benefits a.s.r. has received from this interaction with Infosys are many; some of these are - their ability to tap into an extensive knowledge base, strong commitment and the intention to do things better. This has enabled a.s.r. to constantly review their offerings and locate ways to improve customer experience.

Infosys helps a.s.r. across business and coordinates to improve processes and IT by bringing in innovation. Today, a.s.r. has not just a client relationship with Infosys but rather considers the Infosys team as colleagues in search of innovative solutions. John Adegeest ends by saying it is a valuable relationship that they have with Infosys.