Fireside Chat: Disruptive Innovation in Insurance

In a candid conversation, Anurag Shah, Vice President, Newgen and Rajaram (Raj), Vice President, Infosys, delves into the intricacies of how to accelerate digital transformation for insurers.

The technology leaders exchange ideas and insights, outlining a path toward digital transformation for insurers. They also highlighted the challenges faced by mid-sized insurers. Anurag discussed the need for digital transformation to improve productivity and processing times. Rajaram agreed, emphasizing that, in addition to focusing on digital transformation, it is also crucial to pay attention to legacy technology to effectively boost customer retention.

Watch the entire conversation to understand how insurers can accelerate their digital transformation journey, achieve desired outcomes efficiently, and stay competitive in the insurance industry.


Part 1: Introduction

In this series, Anurag and Rajaram, delve into the world of disruptive innovation in insurance, explore how midsize insurers are impacted and offer practical insights for insurance businesses looking to stay ahead of the curve.

Part 2: Challenges faced by mid-sized insurers

With the competition from large carriers, evolving customer needs, and increasing demand to embrace new technologies, mid-sized insurers face tough challenges. In this part, Rajaram discusses how mid-sized insurers can thrive in this competitive market with the right set of strategies and tools.

Part 3: Digital transformation with a blueprint and layered approach

In this part, Rajaram elucidates that embracing digital transformation with a blueprint and a layered approach is crucial for businesses to stay competitive. With this approach, companies can optimize their operations and improve customer experience, leading to increased profitability and growth.

Part 4: Accelerating digital transformation with Newgen platform

Digital transformation is a critical need for insurers to adapt to the ever-changing market demands. In this part, Anurag shares how Infosys and Newgen are the perfect partners for insurers to accelerate their digital transformation journey and gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Part 5: Starting with complex digital transformation journeys

Digital transformation journeys can appear complex, but they're more manageable than they seem. In this part, discover how to initiate these journeys and accelerate your insurance business.

Part 6: Success stories and impacts

In this part, Anurag shares insights into real-world success stories and impactful outcomes. Discover how Newgen and Infosys can help your business achieve its digital transformation goals.

Part 7: Infosys - Newgen partnership

In this last part, Anurag and Rajaram, discuss how the long-standing Newgen and Infosys partnership is a strategic collaboration enabling mid-sized insurers orchestrate their digital capabilities and generate business value.