Infosys Insurance Conclave

Infosys recently hosted Insurance Conclave 2023, a virtual event bringing the insurance ecosystem together for a thought leadership forum. The Conclave is an endeavor to bring together leaders to share insights into trends and opportunities in the Insurance sector that matter. This was an opportunity for attendees to hear from key thought leaders sharing industry best practices and network with industry peers. The 2nd edition of this marquee event aimed to explore the innovations existing in the sector, with a mix of panel discussions and keynote addresses by industry experts.

Keynote: Navigate Your Next in Insurance with Speed, Accuracy and Trust

Digital innovation is the primary driver of growth for our industry. But for its power to be maximized, it needs to be supported by Speed, Accuracy & Trust. Insurance Conclave 2023 keynote speaker, Kannan Amaresh, Infosys outlined the importance of these three pillars.

By integrating platforms, automating workflows, migrating to the cloud, and improving user interfaces, insurance providers can increase the speed of service. By implementing 360-degree customer solutions, digital fraud management, and automating underwriting, accuracy can be increased at every point. With increased touchpoints, privacy assurance, and commitments to social and environmental issues, insurers can earn the trust of new and existing customers. Watch the session to learn more.

Panel: ESG Factors Impacting Insurance Industry

Managing risk has always been closely linked to ESG frameworks, so what’s different in 2023? For one, more stakeholders want greater capabilities. Having a defined ESG strategy can help insurers build credibility and trust amidst cultural change.

Our panel at the Insurance Conclave explored:

  • ESG and financial performance
  • Sustainability through data-driven decisions
  • How technology supports ESG
  • Cultural change and sustainability targets

Watch this discussion featuring Maneesh Sagar, Chairman and CEO, RS Metrics, Paul Cullum, Head of Specialist Risks, HSB Engineering Insurance, Corey Glickman, Infosys and Susan Winkler, VP & Executive Director, CT IFS to learn more.

Keynote: InsurTech Investments, Innovation and Lessons Learned

The InsurTech sector is rapidly changing the traditional insurance industry through innovative solutions. Insurance Conclave 2023 keynote speaker Dave Castellani, Operating Partner, Brewer Lane Ventures, outlined how disruption has led to significant investment with the potential for more growth.

The need for collaboration between traditional insurance companies and InsurTech startups is evident. Traditional insurers are leveraging their expertise in risk management and regulation while benefiting from the innovative technologies and business models of startups, including AI, machine learning, blockchain, personalization, and more. The InsurTech sector provides valuable lessons for investing in innovation, embracing technology, and collaborating with startups to stay competitive and meet the evolving needs of customers. Watch the video to learn more.

Panel: Reimagining Business Processes

Every sub-sector of Insurance is undergoing some form of digital transformation. Companies are taking different approaches – technology led vs. process led to drive transformation. Watch our panel featuring Brenda Antkowski, VP, Advanced Markets Transformation, Northwestern Mutual, Jake Sloan, Global Industry Leader Insurance, Appian, Praveen Kombial, Global Sales Head, EdgeVerve and Yogesh Bansal, Infosys delve deeper.

Fireside Chat: AI & Insurance

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has become an increasingly important technology in the Insurance industry. Companies are leveraging its capabilities to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance customer experience. In this Fireside Chat with Karam Singh, Infosys, Krishna Gade, CEO, Fiddler AI, outlines how AI is being used to build the future of the industry. AI is a powerful tool for insurers to become more competitive. It personalizes policies, allows 24/7 communication with chatbots, analyses customer behaviour data, and creates more preferences for tailored coverage. The future of AI in insurance is bright, with the technology poised to transform the industry in the coming years. Watch the complete session here.

Panel: Next Wave of Insurance Innovation

Disruption and transformation are terms not always associated with Insurance - but without these values, the sector will suffer. It’s time to empower the insurance industry with a whole-of-system approach leveraged by the latest in digitization to improve customer experience.

Our panel explored:

  • Disruptive technologies shaping insurance
  • Innovation roadblocks inside organizations
  • Building businesses that embrace disruptions

Watch our industry experts Mark Halverson, Founder & CEO, Precision Autonomy, Michael Gordon, Head of Insurance, Axonic Capital, Srinivasan "Nat" Natarajan, Infosys and Deepak Subbramaniam, Infosys explore these topics of utmost significance.