Cash Flow Statement (IFRS INR)

Consolidated Statements of Cash Flows Year ended March 31, (In Rs crore)


Operating activities:

Net profit 13,49112,329
Adjustments to reconcile net profit to net cash provided by operating activities:
Depreciation and amortization 1,4591,069
Income tax expense 5,2514,929
Income on available-for-sale financial assets and certificates of deposits (176)(292)
Effect of exchange rate changes on assets and liabilities7197
Deferred purchase price 149252
Provision for doubtful account receivables52171
Other adjustments16979
Changes in working capital
Trade receivables (1,479)(1,475)
Prepayments and other assets (1,442)(495)
Unbilled revenue (175)(34)
Trade payables 242(17)
Client deposits 1(13)
Unearned revenue 280272
Other liabilities and provisions 319631
Cash generated from operations18,10817,503
Income taxes paid (5,865)(6,751)
Net cash provided by operating activities12,24310,752
Investing activities:
Expenditure on property, plant and equipment including intangible assets net of sale proceeds, including changes in retention money and capital creditors(2,723)(2,247)
Loans to employees(75)(8)
Deposits placed with corporation (142)(135)
Income on available-for-sale financial assets and certificates of deposit168327
Investment in associate-(94)
Payment for acquisition of business, net of cash acquired (747)(1282)
Investment in preference securities(82)-
Investment in other available-for-sale financial assets(22)-
Investment in quoted debt securities(302)(1)
Redemption of certificates of deposit -830
Investment in liquid mutual fund units(24,171)(23,892)
Redemption of liquid mutual fund units 24,94725,096
Investment in fixed maturity plan securities-(30)
Redemption of fixed maturity plan securities33157
Net cash provided by / (used in) investing activities(3,116)(1,279)
Financing activities:
Payment of dividends (including corporate dividend tax)(6,813)(4,935)
Net cash used in financing activities(6,813)(4,935)
Effect of exchange rate changes on cash and cash equivalents 16(121)
Net increase/(decrease) in cash and cash equivalents 2,3144,538
Cash and cash equivalents at the beginning 30,36725,950
Cash and cash equivalents at the end32,69730,367
Supplementary information:
Restricted cash balance 492364

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