Financials & Filings

Financial Highlights

Three Year Overview IFRS (Consolidated INR Basis)

P & L Ratios

ParticularsFY 17FY 16FY 15
Export revenue/ revenue (%)96.897.497.6
Cost of sales/ revenue (%)63.262.661.7
Gross Profit/ revenue (%)36.837.438.3
Selling and marketing, General and administrative expenses/ revenue (%)12.212.412.4
Aggregate employee costs/ revenue (%)
Operating profit/ revenue (%)24.725.025.9
Other Income / revenue (%)
Profit before tax (PBT) / revenue (%)
Tax / revenue (%)
Effective tax rate - Tax/PBT (%)
Profit after tax (PAT) / Revenue (%)21.021.623.1
Return on Capital Employed (ROCE)
(Profit before interest and taxes (PBIT) / Average Capital Employed) (%)
Return on average invested capital (%) (1)43.447.152.3

(1)Liquid assets include cash and cash equivalents and investments other than investments in unquoted equity and preference equity and preference securities, convertible promissory notes and others

Growth Ratios

ParticularsFY 17FY 16FY 15
Export revenue (%)
Revenue (%)9.717.16.4
Operating profit (%)8.212.914.9
Net profit (%)6.49.415.8
Basic EPS (%)6.49.415.8