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Mobility fuels growth for utility companies

Mobile has radically changed the face of customer service; utilities are also affected by this trend. As more and more users turn to the mobile for apps and services, employees are expecting their companies to become mobile-enabled. This means companies must issue tablets and smartphones for work functions. Customers in turn expect their utilities to be mobile-friendly as it is their primary mode of communication.

With mobile-based technologies, like smart metering and smart grid, becoming more mainstream, the need for utilities to have a comprehensive mobile strategy has never been more important. This paper presents our view on what utilities need to do to leverage this overwhelming technology change that is driving the IT industry.

In today’s marketplace, utilities are battling several dynamic economic forces such as smart grid initiatives, smart metering, high energy prices, and product consolidation. Staying ahead of the competition requires overcoming the herculean challenges of improving service delivery and reducing critical response time.

The influx of new technological trends is creating a dynamic shift in the business and IT landscape of utilities. Utilities are seeking ways to revamp their business models and enable technology to deliver flexibility, visibility, engagement. For instance, preventing disruption of services arising from natural disasters requires improved communication. This will ensure critical information is streamed from the field to ensure instant visibility and quick responses from emergency operations and teams.

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Manoj Narayan

Manoj Narayan, Senior Practice Engagement Manager, Mobility unit, Infosys

Manoj Narayan leads the Client Services group at the Mobility practice for the industry vertical at the Energy, Utilities, Communications and Services business unit. He is responsible for strategy, sales and solutions. He has over 17 years’ experience in IT across industry segments, apart from a background in mobile strategy, testing and emerging IT trends.

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