Supply Chain & Operations


Advising top leadership in their transformation and innovation journey into a digitally powered future.

The pandemic, trade wars, and severe storms: these are just a few of the disruptions recently churning markets. Helping clients to realize resilient and sustainable supply chain ecosystems in this unpredictable world is our mission. Whether undertaking an end-to-end strategic transformation, or targeted fixes for specific links in operations, our team combines proprietary digital capabilities, deep domain expertise, and strong industry-specific accelerators to create highly effective, customized solutions for a broad array of B2B and B2C brands.

A snapshot of our key Supply Chain offerings include:

  • Supply Chain Advisory: Selecting a new supply chain solution is complex, and often businesses don’t have the expertise to identify the elements needed to drive selection to capture lasting competitive advantage, nor the bandwidth to manage a lengthy selection process. Whether undertaking an end-to-end strategic transformation, or targeted fixes for specific links in operations, we are equipped to drive your transformation agenda at scale.
  • Value Chain Transformation: Our solutions help clients outline their future business model and develop the business case and investment plan for the transformation initiative ahead, including an ongoing innovation ecosystem. This offering partners with, and front ends, our SAP live enterprise capabilities, as the future ERP platform and consolidation will be the enabler to realizing true end-to-end value chain transformation.
  • Ecommerce Expedited Delivery: With a continued ecommerce boom, a robust data and analytics capability is critical for our clients to capture the growth opportunities in the market. We are partnering with several leading brands to create an advanced driver-based intelligent planning platform to improve forecasting and supply chain management – helping retailers deliver an optimized customer experience on and off their ecommerce websites.

Our teams work with clients to support the transition towards customer-centricity, digitization, and operational excellence in their value chain.

We help you achieve operational excellence.

To learn more, please contact our experts:

Americas Head: Andrew Hogenson
EMEA Head: Sven Mandewirth