A multinational financial services corporation primarily into banking, cards and payments, with 50,000+ employees, and operating globally.


Key Challenges

Comprehensive ingestion testing


Exhaustive data distribution testing


Data lineage and metadata validation

The Impact


effort reduction in end to end validation through automation


15% cost savings by using existing automation tool


The Solution

Infosys Big Data Testing approach reporting

A comprehensive data lake ingestion and distribution test strategy to ensure comprehensive test coverage, complete requirement coverage and optimal test data coverage

Looking for a breakthrough solution?

  • Abinitio Test Automation Framework for Big Data Testing.
    • Connects to various sources, Data Lake and Data Marts
    • Supports Data Acquisition Testing, Data Transformation Testing.
    • Can be used when volume of data is in excess of 5 million
  • Custom utilities built using JCLs, excel macros, Hive QL
  • Deploy accelerators using Extreme automation and custom-made macros
  • Evaluate techniques for handling unstructured data

Automation via Abinitio Test Framework & Custom utilities

Automation using ETL Tool

The Abinitio tool is used as an ETL tool, which was leveraged for validating the data transformations. This was done creating Abinitio graphs using parameterization.

Optimal data testing coverage for a data lake implementation


How to ensure data quality during data migration

A test approach giving proper attention to data and why such a high failure rate for data migration programs.

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