Infosys Legacy Modernization Validation Services is rightly positioned to help businesses modernize their legacy systems to stay relevant, by testing all legacy transformation approaches (recoding, data migration , user experience, infrastructure).

This offering has a multi-layer validation framework which leverages Infosys in-house IP tools/solutions to cover over twenty aspects of testing. It helps businesses achieve 80% early defect detection with AI-based approach and up to 40% cost savings.

Looking to accelerate your legacy modernization journey?


How Infosys Legacy Modernization Validation Services helps enterprises:

Infosys Legacy Modernization & Microservices Test Automation Platform is an Infosys open source platform solution with intelligence to streamline and accelerate legacy modernization testing. It offers comprehensive customer experience, API testing framework, service virtualization, parallel testing framework, data migration validations, in-sprint BDD automation framework, and BPM automation framework leveraging AI-led QA solutions.


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Legacy Modernization & Microservices Test Automation Platform leverages AI-led QA solutions and achieves 70% reduction in test case preparation effort

Infosys Legacy Modernization & Microservices Test Automation Platform leverages parallel testing framework to complete execution, validation, and test reporting with ease

Infosys Data Testing Workbench streamlines and accelerates testing of data warehouse applications by offering a user-friendly, comprehensive and integrated web-based workbench. It helps to validate data ingestion in big data systems, migration to data lake, and ensures data quality

Our in-house robust automation framework empowered with analytic insights of legacy technologies eliminate most of the technology dependent challenges

Infosys Customer Experience (CX) Assurance Platform, across web/mobile, chatbots, and connected devices, combines all the three perspectives of Compliance, Convenience, and Connect into a cohesive validation framework and offers end-to-end mobile automation and automated performance assurance

Infosys Cloud Digital Validation Suite is a one click cloud validation solution for precise maintenance and manageability of cloud environments. It also offers cloud testing workbench and build validation and analysis tool