A conversation on Quality Engineering for Modern Enterprises

Infosys Quality Leadership Forum: Quality Engineering for Modern Enterprises

A fireside chat with Mamatha Pathipati, Senior Vice President, Quality Engineering, LPL Financial

On April 18, 2023, Infosys Quality Engineering held the debut edition of Infosys Quality Leadership Forum – a series of client-led conversations themed around quality engineering. The opening discussion featured Sundar Vallabhan, Senior Practice Engagement Manager, Infosys, in conversation with our distinguished guest, Mamatha Pathipati, SVP, Quality Engineering, LPL Financial. The discourse sparked keen interest among listeners as it brought out new perspectives on themes such as technological progression in quality engineering, role of generative artificial intelligence (AI), cloud-centered strategy, and quality as a shared responsibility, to mention a few.

The evolution of Quality Engineering and What Matters Today

This part begins with Sundar starting the conversation and asking Mamatha about the lessons and best practices she garnered in the course of her long and interesting professional journey. Later in the conversation, Mamatha traces the evolution of quality engineering in the industry and talks about key focus areas for quality engineers in today’s dynamic technology landscape. She highlights the importance of risk-taking ability and innovation at work.

Generative AI and Cloud transformations – Future Vision and the Ability to Try Out New Possibilities are Key

In this segment, Sundar mentions Infosys cloud testing capabilities, part of Infosys Cobalt and invites Mamatha’s views on the challenges and opportunities involved in cloud transformations and generative AI. Mamatha candidly shares her perspective and underlines the significance of qualities such as forward thinking, continuous experimentation, and the ability of quality engineers to embrace such trends in their favor.

Low-code No-code and the Need to Elevate Client Satisfaction Index

This part sees Sundar steering the conversation towards the role of quality engineers in a low-code no-code world. He discusses how quality must be moved from an afterthought to the first preference. Mamatha points out that a data-backed approach can be adopted to demonstrate to enterprises the after-effects of production issues and their impact on end-customers. This can bring quality to the forefront. She also presents a refreshing perspective on elevating customer satisfaction to the top-priority level and listening to unsaid feedback.