Infosys Continuous solution helps enterprises produce high quality software at right-speed with adoption of the theme – Standardize, Enhance, Accelerate and Elevate.

As an industry leader in Testing Services, Infosys provides holistic agile and DevOps adoption services across various industry segments, backed by its dedicated DevOps Continuous Testing practice. Our solution is helping our clients achieve customer delight through shift-left in quality process, incremental development and faster deployment of features into production.

Looking for DevOps testing approach or solution?


How Infosys Continuous Testing solution helps enterprises:

  • Innovations – Shift-left enablers and reusable & portable accelerators
  • The IP tools for testing (Infosys Enterprise data Privacy Suite, Infosys API Test Automation and Infosys Network Impact Testing Suite)
  • AI and ML point solutions
  • 3-tiered right-skilling program for enablement
  • Infosys DevOps platform – A centralized web-based platform that offers a simple interface to build CI-CD pipelines and leverages a script-less approach to integrate automated build and deployments, static code analysis, compliance checks, security analysis, and various types of testing

Challenges & Solutions

Standardize with Agile, Continuous Testing and DevOps Assessment and roadmap consultation

Accelerate with Lifecycle Automation

Elevate – AI & ML point solutions for testing