The COVID-19 outbreak has upended our ways of life and forced organizations to move to a digital-first way of engagement. Holistic customer experience assurance is crucial to enable and sustain these digital interactions.

With increasing digitalization, customer experience today is a blend of experiences across multiple discrete, yet interconnected customer touchpoints spanning both physical and virtual worlds. Customers today expect the best possible omni-channel experiences that are personalized and free of bugs. Providing seamless and uniform customer experience across all touchpoints and in all languages is thus the key to business success.

Infosys Customer Experience Validation offering helps clients create such engaging digital experiences for their customers, employees, and partners. It helps to understand the customer journey, identify customer’s interaction points with digital products, and test the experience across channels, devices, and platforms.

Infosys service offering broadly covers:

  • Customer experience journey assessment and identifying improvements
  • Usability and accessibility testing
  • Visual testing
  • Crowd testing
  • Testing of newer channels like conversational UIs and AR/VR applications
Elevate customer experience across all digital touchpoints

Looking to enhance your customer experience?


Infosys Customer Experience Validation offering helps companies create a unified experience across channels and devices to provide their customers with a glitch-free experience.

  • It helps in a comprehensive evaluation of all aspects of a customer’s journey like accessibility, usability, security across multiple channels like web, mobile, conversational UIs, virtual, and augmented reality.
  • It helps leverage the power of the crowd for holistic evaluation of CX
  • It offers customer sentiment analysis-based QA to tailor your digital experience to the changing needs of the customer

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Customer Experience Assurance provides a comprehensive validation framework that considers the specific nuances and validation needs of each channel, be it web, mobile, extended reality, or conversational UI. At the same time, customer journey mapping across these channels helps in ensuring a seamless omni-channel experience.

Infosys Customer Experience Platform helps in comprehensive monitoring and visualization of CX trends. It also helps to bring insights related to end customer feedback and usage patterns to the QA process, thus enabling a constant feedback loop throughout the application lifecycle.

Our in-house CX IPs and alliances with companies like Applitools and Applause help to innovate faster while enabling location, devices, skill, language, and demographic diversity.