Infosys Quality Engineering

The technology industry is constantly innovating to create new ways of doing business. In order to keep up with these changes and leverage the new opportunities they bring; businesses must constantly evolve as well. Today’s enterprises need to be extremely agile and adaptable to survive and thrive in this fast-changing world. As competition increases, they must focus on providing superior customer experience to stay ahead. This requires them to minimize errors, ensure that their products and services are always up to date, and offer the best quality.

Infosys Quality Engineering presents services, solutions, and platforms powered by artificial intelligence (AI) that help organizations enhance product quality and reliability. We help our clients adapt to changing quality assurance (QA) requirements by increasing their business agility, future-proofing their organization, and ensuring greater speed and efficiency in the digital age.

Infosys Quality Engineering

Our 3-pronged Approach to Quality Engineering

Our commitment to our client’s success is backed by a three-pronged approach:

  • Assured software ecosystem
    The generative-AI-powered solution helps organizations address challenges involved in managing the test environment. Our approach accelerates support activities in test environment management by analyzing the incidence as well as knowledge base of recurring problems and then recommending appropriate solutions.
  • Accelerated digital transformation
    To speed up the pace of application development, Infosys offers a comprehensive approach to validating low-code/no-code (LCNC) applications. This includes pre-defined test strategies specific to various LCNC platforms. Our cloud-agnostic solutions, powered by a cloud-native architecture, allow for plug-and-play deployment on both public and private cloud infrastructure. These solutions ensure that the cloud infrastructure for your enterprise is secure, stable, and performs optimally, resulting in faster application development and, in turn, faster deployment.
  • Superior test efficiencies
    Infosys helps organizations achieve superior testing efficiencies by using AI-powered testing platforms. These platforms enable testers to automate testing tasks, such as generating test scripts and identifying defects. The platforms use a variety of AI techniques such as generative AI that helps automate the generation of test scripts, diagnostic AI that assists in identifying defects in test scripts, and predictive AI that provides visibility into the impact of changes to the software. Leveraging these platforms, organizations can reduce the time and effort required for testing, refine the quality of their software, and release products faster to market.