Infosys Quality Engineering Consulting, powered by a team of 750 proficient specialists with expertise in the software quality lifecycle, drives businesses to navigate the complexities of ever-evolving software while staying focused on quality.

Employing proprietary framework models, we evaluate current testing practices against industry-led benchmarks and testing trends and identifies challenges and gaps. Based on the assessment, we provide roadmaps to elevate organizational maturity, and align with the objectives of the enterprise. Leveraging our industry leadership, experience and market insights, companies can accelerate time to market, enhance customer advocacy, optimize operational efficiency, and minimize production defects.

Infosys seamlessly integrates industry best practices, strategies, and technical methodologies into its approach, ensuring quality engineering (QE) remains at the forefront of your organization’s digital transformation journey.

Our patented Enterprise QE Transformation Models (EQTM) and Artificial Intelligence-amplified Enterprise QE Transformation Model (AI-EQTM) frameworks empower quality assurance (QA) organizations to establish a community of practices (CoP) across traditional and agile methodologies. These frameworks have successfully and consistently delivered exceptional results in numerous client engagements.

Infosys’ expert consultants collaborate closely with the client’s organizational leadership to refine practices and establish robust operating models for both center of excellence (CoE) and CoP platforms in traditional and agile methodologies. We provide comprehensive support for emerging technologies, while emphasizing process and standards management through tailored governance models. The technologies covered include:

  • Generative artificial intelligence (Gen AI)
  • The Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Chaos engineering/site reliability engineering (SRE)
  • Cloud, DevOps automation
  • Test data management
  • Application programming interface (APIs)/microservices
  • Testing tools optimization

Key Features of Infosys Quality Engineering Consulting:

It enables quality-driven digital transformation by:

  • Facilitating agile test CoE with process and methodologies definition
  • Defining enterprise test strategy for DevOps and shift left frameworks
  • Providing consulting services for cloud migration, discovery, and assessment to identify potential hotspots, and define testing strategies for migration
  • Enabling AI-led quality assurance (QA) across verticals to enable early detection of defects, improve productivity, and accelerate time to market
  • Focusing on critical aspects of operational risk management – monitoring, reliability, availability, scalability, performance, capacity, and security – to achieve total resilience
  • Designing operating models for CoE, CoP, processes, and standards frameworks, to enhance overall maturity of testing practices across the organization and achieve IT goals
  • Customizing an assessment framework and in-house tools to provide end-to-end test data, API microservices, connected devices testing solutions, and supported telemetry solutions for product-centric value delivery

Key differentiators:

Infosys’ EQTM framework seamlessly integrates agile and waterfall methodologies to identify and address gaps and weaknesses in testing practices. It thereby enhances organizational maturity in alignment with specific business needs. This adaptable model facilitates targeted improvement across all dimensions based on organizational priorities as opposed to a rigid, one-size-fits-all approach to achieve maturity.

Our AI-EQTM framework empowers QA organizations to proactively identify defects in the early phase of the development cycle, thereby enhancing overall quality and productivity, while accelerating time to market. This model tackles critical challenges in QE implementation. It ensures comprehensive test coverage and design quality, effectively leveraging AI capabilities in continuous testing. It further addresses build quality and its impact on testing, minimizing deployment delays through the adoption of proactive testing measures.

Infosys Cloud Quality Assessment and Transformation (ICQAT) is an as-a-service offering that is closely aligned with Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF). ICQAT, part of Infosys Cobalt, helps customers assess the quality risks in cloud implementations and assists them in building a comprehensive test strategy.

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Infosys Quality Engineering Consulting helps global enterprises meet their quality goals in digital transformation. The process begins with a comprehensive evaluation that encompasses all dimensions – people, processes, and technology – enabling Infosys to craft a customized roadmap and provide total support in QE transformation initiatives.

Our patented EQTM model has been successfully deployed in over 100 client engagements, demonstrating its effectiveness in evaluating organizational testing capabilities and identifying areas for improvement. Infosys has a proven track record in enabling organizations to achieve their QE objectives.

Infosys Quality Engineering Consulting highlights:

  • Patented EQTM is a model and framework to assess and improve test maturity for all types of development methodologies
  • Infosys AI-EQTM offers comprehensive capabilities to assess and mitigate risks in quality engineering strategy, set-up, implementation, and digital transformation
  • A team of comprising of 100 people that have expertise and help organizations in their digital transformation journeys through expert consulting with a focus on end-user requirements
  • Advisory services covering a range of areas, including DevOps, automation, testing tools, testing centers of excellence (TCoE), telematics, test data management (TDM), and emerging technologies like AI, connected devices, and chaos engineering

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys patented EQTM assessment framework assists in identifying the gaps and challenges in the existing process in the backdrop of industry best practices. It also recommends a transformation roadmap to improve test maturity levels

Establishing test process and a standard management team to ensure regulatory requirements are part of the gating criteria and release-level evaluation to check compliance

Infosys Live Engineering Platform can process extensive data available in agile, DevSecOps, and operations toolchains. This can further generate meaningful insights for all relevant personas so that they can learn, calibrate, and respond to changes, thereby ensuring predictable outcomes

Infosys helps organizations make informed decisions that align with their evolving testing needs, by meticulously evaluating the latest and most suitable tools in the market. Infosys' comprehensive tool assessment framework empowers clients to streamline their testing tool landscape, optimizing cost of ownership, and ensuring future readiness

Establish objectives and framework with major building blocks such as:

  • Accelerators: Tool-driven, which can increase the test coverage, speed and efficiency
  • Optimizers: Consolidation of test services, tools, and collaboration within the teams
  • Enablers: Skill development and certifications, knowledge management
  • Vendor management
  • Governance: To monitor policies, service level agreements (SLAs) and continuous improvement