Infosys Quality Engineering Services provides a comprehensive approach to define and implement strategies that transform QA organizations and align them with business imperatives.

Our Quality Engineering strategy can be summarized using a simple acronym: “A.E.I.O.U”, which stands for Automate, Eliminate, Integrate, Orchestrate and Uberize.

Looking for objective assessment of your QA landscape?


Infosys quality engineering service offerings

How our proprietary Enterprise Quality Assurance Transformation Model (EQATM) helps enterprises.

EQATM is Infosys’ methodology for assessing the maturity of an organization’s software test practices. EQATM model has 5 maturity levels with 20 focus areas and 219 practices spread across Test Engineering, Test Management, Test Governance, & Test Competency. Patent reference # US 8589199 B2

We have also developed a light weight Agile EQATM framework by formalizing agile specific behaviors


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys ASSURE framework (Assess, Standardize, Streamline, Understand, Report and Ensure quality) provides a comprehensive approach to testing and quality assurance, encompassing aspects of Testing Maturity Assessment, Process Standardization, Defining and Deploying Enterprise-wide QA strategy, QA Tooling strategy, and Test Infrastructure strategy

Adoption of Infosys Quality Engineering levers such as test-driven development, analytics-driven QA, early performance engineering, continuous & AI/ML led automation

Adoption of Infosys’ Extreme automaton framework and agile & DevOps best practices to accelerate the adoption of lean processes, and test execution cycles

Adoption of Infosys approach of analytics-driven QA, with focus on 4 key dimensions such as Customer Sentiments, Defects, Machine, and Business User