Quality Engineering – A Crucial Component of the Cloud Transformation Journey

A fireside chat between Niranjan VS – Senior Vice President (SVP) and Service Offering Head at Infosys Quality Engineering and Vivek Raju – Global Technology Leader, Global System Integrator (GSI) Portfolio at Amazon Web Services (AWS)

Enabling discussions on emerging trends and challenges in the industry is a key part of our endeavor to help enterprises stay on top of new developments. Recently, Niranjan VS – SVP and Service Offering Head at Infosys Quality Engineering and Vivek Raju – Global Technology Leader, GSI Portfolio at AWS met on our forum to discuss the importance of quality engineering in the cloud transformation journey. They conversed on topics such as technological progression in cloud and quality engineering, challenges faced by customers while migrating to cloud, and the pivotal role of quality engineering in cloud migration projects, among others.

How cloud migration has evolved over the years

Niranjan opens the conversation by asking Vivek about the recent trends he has observed in the cloud adoption space as an accomplished AWS technology leader. Vivek talks about the accelerated emphasis on cloud adoption. He stresses the need for strong cloud security to meet regulatory requirements and to handle the growing cyberthreats. Later in the discussion, Vivek speaks about the role of artificial intelligence and machine learning (AI/ML) in streamlining business operations through insights. He recommends automated provisioning of infrastructure and the capability to process data closer to source rather than sending it to a centralized environment. He also elaborates on AWS’ strategy to cater to these trends. In the end, Niranjan highlights the prevalent trends of cloud-native development, SaaS-ification and legacy modernization.

Changing customer expectations

Taking the conversation further, Niranjan and Vivek discuss how customer expectations have changed in the era of digital transformation. Vivek explains that even though the demands of customers have dramatically morphed over time, innovation and agility remain at the centerstage along with security and seamless integration. He also underlines the role of digital transformation in making informed business decisions based on data-driven strategy and explains how this approach can take the business forward. Niranjan points out that multiple factors such as cloud service providers, service models and migration disposition across the application landscape make digital transformations complex and highly prone to failures. Therefore, quality engineering plays a critical role in ensuring the success of digital transformations.

Infosys’ layered approach to quality engineering

Vivek seeks Niranjan’s perspective on the role of quality engineering in digital transformation and Infosys’ strategy to ensure quality while maintaining agility. Niranjan elaborates on the layered approach to quality engineering, focusing on delivering high quality at great speed. He talks about Infosys’ Test Assessment Framework, fully compliant with cloud adoption standards, and how it helps identify hotspots by channelizing the test effort. Niranjan further points out that Infosys has developed a tool-driven validation strategy as well as a suite of tools, part of Infosys Cobalt, that is also available on AWS marketplace. He then talks about Infosys’ focus on incorporating recent technological advancements such as AI-first, low-code/no-code and site reliability engineering (SRE) into the quality engineering strategy, thus making the digital transformation journey smooth and agile for businesses.

Infosys and AWS: A partnership for quality

Niranjan and Vivek summarize their conversation by discussing the Infosys and AWS partnership and the solutions they are developing jointly to meet changing customer expectations. Infosys and AWS together are working to containerize the deployment of quality engineering solutions and build chaos testing capability for clusters of AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS). While concluding the chat they point out the benefits this partnership brings to the customers by providing value-driven innovation.