Infosys Connected Device Testing is a comprehensive and rigorous functional and non-functional application testing service. The end-to-end service ensures high-quality standards for applications running on various platforms, such as Android and iOS, providing predictability and ensuring device safety, efficiency, and dependability. Our test strategy supports agile and DevOps implementation methodologies, enabling seamless integration into your system.

We strive to surpass end-user expectations and deliver superior quality outcomes through a secure and trusted connected experience.

Infosys Connected Device Testing encompasses the following key areas:

  • Smart scenario and user experience testing
    Ensures that devices meet user expectations and perform optimally across various scenarios, including comprehensive testing of native applications, mobile web, and hybrid applications.
  • Device interoperability testing
    Tests seamless integration of smart devices with multiple network operators, connectivity protocols, cloud services, and end-user applications.
  • Performance and scalability testing
    Validates the ability of devices to handle high traffic volumes, endurance, and spikes in usage, ensuring flawless performance even under heavy load.
  • API/microservices testing
    Validates connections and contracts, enabling effective communication between devices and services within the ecosystem.
  • Device and data virtualization
    Facilitates uninterrupted testing, even in the absence of physical devices or data availability, enhancing the testing process and improving the accuracy of outcomes.
  • Test automation
    Employs automation techniques to accelerate testing, helping efficiently achieve end-to-end and regression testing goals.

Discover how Infosys Connected Device Testing Helps Enterprises


Experience the competitive edge of Infosys Connected Device Testing that delivers exceptional benefits for enterprises through the following features:

  • Seamless user experience across mobile and other connected devices, leveraging comprehensive testing in accessibility, usability, microservices, and performance testing.
  • Edge-to-cloud end-to-end automated testing powered by our robust in-house framework.
  • Intelligent test accelerators at the core, reducing the total cost of ownership by up to 30%, accelerating time to market, and minimizing effort by up to 50% while integrating smart and connected scenarios.

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Connected Device Testing offers a device and data virtualization solution that uses public and private device clouds to simulate device data for sensors and gateway devices to support end-to-end test requirements

Our edge-to-cloud automation framework supports comprehensive testing across various devices, network operators, cloud platforms, and user interface applications

Infosys offers an operational technology test automation solution that caters to migration testing, upgrade testing, and functional requirements, ensuring a seamless experience in integrating IT-OT systems

Our Internet of Things (IoT) security assurance framework, designed to address the top ten risks identified by the open web application security project (OWASP), addresses end-to-end security testing

Infosys’ Customer Experience Index and Customer Sentiment Analysis solution enable consistent customer experience across platforms while identifying key testing areas based on customer feedback from social media platforms