Low-code/no-code technology has created a novel alternative for businesses that are neither ready to invest in buying new applications from external vendors nor want to get the applications developed using skilled coders. Adopting this technology has made application development hassle-free for many businesses. Ground-breaking, as this approach to application development is, it is not devoid of risk. Rigorous testing of these applications by IT experts before rollout is the only way to mitigate the risks.

Infosys offers you low-code/no-code application testing services that are customized to your specific needs and match the maturity level of your business in the low-code/no-code adoption journey. Our differentiated approach to test automation identifies risks upfront and addresses them through low-code quality assurance (QA) solutions. This helps you achieve faster, reliable, and scalable application releases.

The Infosys low-code/no-code application testing services include:

  • Multi-faceted test automation frameworks: We offer a variety of test automation frameworks that can be customized to your specific needs
  • End-to-end business processes testing: Our end-to-end application testing ensures that your business requirements are fully addressed
  • Resilience testing: We test the applications to ensure that they withstand unexpected scenarios involving disruptions, traffic, bandwidth constraints and more such challenging factors
  • Cloud and infrastructure validation: We validate your cloud and infrastructure environments to ensure that they are secure and reliable

Our comprehensive low-code/no-code application testing portfolio includes the following steps:

  • Calculate risks
    We conduct an assessment of low-code applications to identify risks that
    • Are platform-specific
    • Impact customer experience
    • Affect security and compliance
  • Implement pre-defined test strategies
    We provide ready-to-implement validation strategies for low-code applications encompassing multiple platforms such as Outsystems, Mendix, Pega, Appian, PowerApps, and Unqork, among others
  • Build resilient systems
    We ensure that the existing content of the applications is retained after overcoming the challenges and risks
De-risk your Low-code No-code Adoption with the Right Level of Testing

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This is how Infosys low-code/no-code application testing services help enterprises.

Our low-code approach to test automation along with proven Infosys IPs deliver superior quality at 35% optimized cost to achieve 3 times faster time to market:

  • Infosys Test Automation Framework
  • Scriptless test automation for application programming interface (API) and microservices
  • RPA BOT factory
  • Multi-faceted test automation framework
  • Customer experience validation solutions
  • Infosys Quality Engineering Platform

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Quality Engineering Platform provides traceability and enhanced test governance throughout the entire lifecycle of low-code/no-code applications.

Working with our experts, open-source testing solutions that are designed to validate resilience and scalability can be easily integrated with low-code/no-code platforms.

Infosys low-code multi-faceted test automation solutions for low-code/no-code applications allow scriptless test automation across functional and non-functional validation. This enables in-sprint automation testing, achieving 3 times faster time to market.

Our experts with high proficiency in both low-code/no-code platforms and automation frameworks develop unique automation strategies to overcome any challenges related to test automation.