Data is growing at an unprecedented pace in the age of cloud and AI. Traditional technologies are unable to keep pace with this data explosion. To deal with this, global enterprises are increasingly turning to cloud-based data sources. However, this transition to the cloud introduces several challenges, such as:

  • Complex data validation at every checkpoint in cloud
  • Data security in non-production environments
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Data masking and provisioning in cloud
  • Quality of data migrated to software-as-a-service product in cloud
  • Mining the right quality of data for operational activities and insights

Infosys Data and Analytics Testing, part of Infosys Topaz, is an end-to-end data quality engineering (QE) offering. It helps enterprises address the challenges of cloud-based data by providing focused solutions for all data-related use cases. It establishes robust processes and efficient data validation strategies, employing the right set of tools to achieve hyperautomation. The offering leverages Infosys' intellectual property (IP) and open-source tools, backed by an AI-first data quality strategy. This approach helps uncover data quality issues early and accelerate the entire quality engineering lifecycle.

Infosys Data and Analytics Testing encompasses the following:


Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Data and Analytics Testing leverages open-source and IP data testing solutions with cloud-native features. These can be hosted on cloud to perform data quality checks at each point of data movement within the cloud

Infosys data testing solutions use microservices-based architecture to seamlessly integrate with existing CI/CD and DevOps pipelines and orchestration tools

Infosys Data Quality Engineering Platform supports a variety of data sources, including batch, streaming, and real-time data feeds. It provides ready-to-use pluggable adaptors for all common data sources, expediting the onboarding of data testing. In-memory and intelligent data processing techniques accelerate data testing for large volumes of data

Infosys Data and Analytics Testing leverages intelligent solutions to reduce testing costs, and accelerates time to market by nearly 40%