Infosys Data Modernization Testing, part of Infosys Cobalt, enables organizations to validate data on cloud. The solution leverages Infosys’ hyper-automation platforms so that you can achieve your quality engineering goals end-to-end. 

By enabling legacy and package data migration to cloud and developing new analytics as well as visualization dashboards on cloud, Infosys Data Modernization Testing allows you to maximize the value of qualitative data on cloud. While addressing your current cloud data challenges, it manages multi-cloud and poly-cloud validation scenarios successfully.

With this solution, you can efficiently fulfil your compliance requirements of data masking on cloud and ensure that data accuracy, in terms of volume as well as quality, is always guaranteed for testing and development on cloud.

Infosys Data Modernization Testing enables:

  • Data validation for cloud migration
  • Cloud-native data validation
  • Validation for analytics/visualization dashboards on cloud
  • Data validation for package migration to cloud
  • Data validation for multi-cloud/poly-cloud scenarios
  • Test Data Management (TDM) and data masking on cloud

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Infosys Data Modernization Testing allows you to complete early data sanity validation by leveraging machine learning (ML) techniques, reusable data validation pipelines, pluggable processors for data validation, and hyper-automation platforms with low-code/ no-code.

It also enables you to seamlessly integrate data into new cloud architecture and address challenges that existing traditional tools and data automation solutions fail to deal with in the cloud.

Our enhanced cloud data validation solution includes the following platforms:

  • Infosys Data Quality Engineering Platform – A hyper-automation platform for end-to-end data validation on cloud, leveraging reusable data validation pipelines
  • Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Solution – TDM and data privacy solution for cloud
  • Infosys AI Assurance Platform – A platform for validation of analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) models

Infosys data validation solutions are available in Azure Marketplace and as AWS solutions consulting offers:

  • Infosys Data Testing Workbench (Azure and AWS)
  • Infosys Cloud Data Validation Solution (Azure and AWS)
  • Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Suite (Azure)

Challenges & Solutions

Infosys Data Modernization Testing offering leverages hyper-automation validation platforms with reusable data validation pipelines. It ensures lower cost of quality, 100% data validation, reduction in testing cycle time, and faster time to market.

Infosys Data Modernization Testing cloud data validation capability uses platforms and solutions such as:

  • Infosys Data Quality Engineering Platform
  • Infosys Enterprise Data Privacy Solution
  • Infosys AI Assurance platform

These leverage cloud-native capabilities (on-demand, computing power, flexible cost model) and enable seamless integration into new cloud data architecture.

The offering leverages testing solutions based on AI/ML capabilities for early sanity validation.

These validation platforms can be hosted on any of the cloud hyperscalers and ensure seamless connectivity to new-age cloud data sources.

The comprehensive Infosys platform provides data validation throughout the journey of data, encompassing all data testing life cycles.