Failure in operations can be a disastrous scenario for any enterprise. Even a minor setback can impact many critical business parameters such as efficiency, productivity, cost, timelines, and most importantly, the trust of your clients. Business operations are strewn with risks ranging from human error and control lapses to fraud, cybersecurity attacks, and system failures. Keeping your eye constantly on all risk factors, identifying the relevant pitfalls before they become a threat to the business, and taking appropriate and timely steps to mitigate these threats are critical to sustainable operational efficiency.

Infosys Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Testing is a superior quality engineering (QE) practice that helps you mitigate operational risks effectively. This well-defined framework encompasses all the major aspects of business workflow, performance, chaos, and security testing along with infrastructure automation.

This offering is a fine blend of best practices, in-house automation tools and partner solutions that helps achieve an equilibrium between stability, innovation, and agility of the software services. The core components of SRE testing focus on the key aspects of operational risk management – monitoring, reliability, availability, scalability, performance, capacity, and security in order to achieve total resilience.

Infosys SRE Testing includes:

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Infosys SRE Testing is mapped to a four-pronged framework consisting of business workflow, infrastructure, resiliency, and security. Our unique approach to SRE testing is based on the strong foundation of our extensive experience, advanced tools, our ability to scale up rapidly, and the commitment of our thought leaders.

Infosys SRE Testing helps your business achieve:

  • Superior user experience by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and implementing QE principles
  • Higher revenue by optimizing your application performance with high availability and resiliency
  • Improved digital experience by creating a cohesive and contextual environment for the digital customer

Challenges & Solutions

The four-pronged SRE framework helps you streamline issues and capture the relevant ones for an application or the entire infrastructure. It provides a testing strategy to address scalability and resiliency issues. The self-healing capabilities and the robust disaster recovery system create a breakthrough mature model assessment framework.

The SRE framework focuses on shift-left testing and helps in early defect finding in the quality assurance (QA) environment. This increases user confidence in the applications that are going live in production.

The top-down approach of SRE testing helps capture business-level SLAs impacting the business, customer, and employee. These are then broken down into service level SLAs, making it easier to capture the requirements clearly and thus leading to faster turnaround time.