Infosys Performance Testing and Engineering practice helps clients overcome performance testing challenges and deliver future-proof systems in the dynamic world of emerging technologies with high responsiveness, reliability, availability, scalability, and resilience.

Our highly skilled engineers and consultants provide performance validation, engineering services, and chaos engineering while adopting agile/DevOps/service virtualization capabilities and supporting multiple business models.

Looking for a performance testing solution to address your business challenges and enhance customer experience?


How Infosys Performance Testing and Engineering solution helps enterprises

It is a comprehensive solution with four key components — process, people, innovative tools, and governance. These help in facilitating:

  • Predictability in delivery excellence
  • Optimized infrastructure and resource utilization
  • Smarter, faster, simpler solutions
  • Availability of application systems during unprecedented loads

Challenges & Solutions

Performance Engineering and Automation Framework — a framework for early performance validation, providing feedback to developers, and reducing test cycles in each sprint cycle which is built on open-source tools

Flexible and easily adaptable Performance Engineering framework for CI/CD platform, built using open-source tool stack

Infosys Predictive Solution helps in predicting service demands and extrapolation with respect to utilization and throughput

Suite of readily deployable solutions catering to various Performance Testing and Engineering use cases using Docker images, microservices solution, and mobile performance testing solutions

End-to-end automation solution for client-side performance using open-source tools

Performance modeling tool to predict performance of IT systems under varying load conditions and changing hardware configuration/deployment environments