Infosys Quality Engineering works closely with strategic partners to enhance the value for our clients. Infosys has defined centers of excellence with partners enabling us to gain technical and domain expertise on partner tools which in turn help us in delivering the best for our customers.

What does it mean to you?

  • Accelerated implementation of the automation roadmap for Agile/ DevOps
  • Faster time to market by seamless integration of tool stacks across the testing ecosystem
  • Enablement of capital expenditure (CapEx) to operating expenditure (OpEx), and movement of tools working with our partner ecosystem – on premise and cloud
  • Readily pluggable solutions leveraging Infosys IP built on partner products that address specific use cases

Our partner ecosystem ensures the sum is more than the individual parts for our clients. Our motivation is to jointly deliver business solutions that address our clients' business and technology problems. Through customized tools and methodologies, we accelerate the successful deployment of solutions while reducing risks.

Our Partners