EdgeVerve and Infosys Quality Engineering – Partnering for Automation in Testing

Eliminate bottlenecks and accelerate your continuous testing journey through class-leading test automation

About EdgeVerve-Infosys Quality Engineering Partnership

EdgeVerve (a wholly-owned subsidiary of Infosys), has partnered with Infosys Quality Engineering to enable customers to simplify test automation and to quickly build and scale up their automation journeys with the help of AssistEdge RPA.

The partnership provides a robust automation platform for continuous testing, expediting the enterprises’ journey towards DevSecOps by improving the effectiveness and efficiency of their software testing efforts.

The combined power of Infosys’ engineering-led QA capabilities with EdgeVerve’s AssistEdge RPA – Testing Version enables enterprises to effortlessly scale up testing in real-time, delivering unprecedented accuracy, flexibility, and speed to market.

The partnership enables clients across industry verticals to successfully implement an automated testing strategy, allowing them to move away from tedious and error prone manual testing, thereby improving performance and software quality while simultaneously resulting in effort- and cost-savings.

Simplify Test Automation with AssistEdge RPA – Testing Version

Business agility is no longer a buzzword but has become a market reality, making it imperative for enterprises globally to continuously evolve their technology at speed and scale.  This places application development teams across enterprises under tremendous pressure to enhance quality and to increase the speed of testing and delivery. A direct outcome of this is the added importance of not only engineering but also assuring the flexibility, security, scalability, performance, and stability of the applications. Leveraging RPA tools for end-to-end test automation helps enterprises obtain this assurance.

With AssistEdge RPA – Testing Version, organizations can expand the scope of testing automation to cover 100% of all test cases. AssistEdge is a comprehensive automation platform that helps enterprises to scale their automation journey, enabling them to drive initiatives around process discovery, intelligent automation, and digital workforce orchestration.

Key Features:

  • Business-centric test automation: Workflow-driven test automation approach
  • Technology agnostic: One tool for all technologies across desktop, web, virtual machines, legacy, etc.
  • Digital testers: Integrated AI capabilities for unattended automation
  • No-code/Low-code: Easy development and maintenance
  • Test automation interface: To bridge the gap between test management tools and automated test cases

Sample Test Automation Use Cases Where AssistEdge RPA – Testing Version Has Delivered Success:

Life Cycle Test Automation

Business flow automation involving multiple technologies and platforms

Test Data Management

Test data generation involving multiple applications, time intervals, real-time, transactional

Citrix/Legacy Automation

Surface automation (image recognition, OCR, etc.)

Unstructured Data Processing

Bank statements, letters, checks, and inbound and outbound correspondences

Non-Core Automation

Reconciliations, job monitoring, metrics reporting, data migrations

User Acceptance Testing

Business-centric test automation

Testing Version of RPA Product – The Future of Test Automation

RPA provides an advantage over traditional automation test tools where it has less code, can handle heterogeneous technologies, and can recognize wide variety of objects. This along with Infosys automation approach using Infosys BOT Validator increases test efficiency, reduces automation engineering effort, and eliminates manual testing in end-to-end workflow.

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Why is automated software testing important? How can AssistEdge RPA – Testing Version help you kickstart your test automation journey?

Why Choose AssistEdge RPA – Testing Version to Upgrade Your Validation Services?

  • Supports quick changes to accommodate in-house customizations
  • Testing across all the peripheral systems in an integrated/automated way
  • Powered by AssistEdge RPA and compatible with all major enterprise solutions
  • Framework-based solution enabling rapid deployment
  • Automating complete workflow with systems like JIRA, Jenkins, and other industry standard tools.
  • Prebuilt "skills” for testing scenarios available for download in the AssistEdge Marketplace – reusable bots to reduce overall test preparation cost

Accelerate your journey to testing automation/continuous testing with Infosys Quality Engineering-developed testing skills to power your AssistEdge bots. Available on the AssistEdge Marketplace, these reusable bots harness the power of AI, ML, RPA, and chatbot technologies to increase test efficiency by reducing the overall test preparation cost. Download the free skills/bots from AssistEdge Marketplace

For a middle eastern bank, Infosys used EdgeVerve’s enterprise-grade Automation platform AssistEdge RPA tool to automate invoice processing workflow channels across UAT and Production environments. To know more, click here.

Recognizing the potential of RPA in testing, EdgeVerve and Infosys Quality Engineering have been helping clients simplify and scale up test automation with AssistEdge for testing. Click here to read a white paper on ‘RPA: The future of enterprise test automation’.

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