pCloudy (owned by Smart Software Testing Solutions Inc.) provides the simplest mobile app testing and digital assurance platform. Apart from providing the most comprehensive set of quality assurance tools for development, quality assurance (QA), and DevOps, it also offers automation, manual testing, and on-device performance testing solutions.

Core offerings

  • Multiple solutions for organizations — from small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) to large enterprises
  • On-demand public cloud offerings for more than 500 Android and iOS devices
  • Private cloud and on-premise setup offerings for enterprises

Partnership highlights

This partnership brings together Infosys expertise along with pCloudy’s innovations, and aims to address every device testing challenge in the mobile QA space. As a result, businesses get to experience better mobile application quality via a continuous testing process that leverages pCloudy’s mobile laboratory.

  • Supports creation of super-fast automation scripts with its in-built recording feature
  • Leverages the power of concurrent script execution across device models
  • Performs field testing in a confined environment using network virtualization
  • Enables effective debugging of test failures with its plugins for the Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System (IDEs)
  • Ensures testing beyond functional requirements and offers insights into non-functional QA as well

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