Skytap is a global public cloud provider that extends the benefits of cloud capabilities and DevOps practices to traditional on-premises applications. Our cloud uniquely supports application modernization with production-ready software development and delivery environments that work the same way as on-premises data centers. Skytap makes it simple for developers, testers, and other end users to consume cloud infrastructure as a self-service offering that can be provisioned, cloned, shared, suspended, and moved around the world with only a few mouse clicks. Access datasheets, white papers, videos, case studies, and more at Watch a 5-minute demo of Skytap at

Unique Differentiators

  • Deploy fully-enabled working environments in seconds
  • Remove environment-contention bottlenecks with self-service, on-demand environment cloning without the need for additional tooling or vendor-specific scripting
  • Prevent environment configuration drift by shifting from static, always-on environments to dynamic, disposal environments that are created in seconds
  • Eliminate re-architecting and rewriting application code when migrating to the cloud by allowing direct imports of x86 virtual machines

Industry Focus

Skytap has customers across all industry verticals, including retail, high-tech, insurance, logistics, media & entertainment, and financial services many of whom are Fortune 100 companies.

Solutions Focus

Infosys and Skytap are investing together in solutions that help clients:

  • Build new, lower-cost, and on-demand test environments with reusable computing capacity
  • Efficiently manage large and complex hybrid cloud test environments while enabling global collaboration and reducing contention
  • Enable the adoption of DevOps practices and agile methodologies for traditional enterprise applications
  • Boost efficiency and productivity of continuous integration and continuous delivery workflows
  • Automate test environment provisioning and management

Partnership benefits for our customers

Infosys and Skytap have partnered to help enterprises securely accelerate their movement to cloud environments while optimizing their infrastructure investments. Infosys has a broad range of offerings leveraging Skytap to help enterprises adopt and use its solutions in digital assurance and application modernization while enabling enterprises to rapidly deploy systems into production and get to market faster, better predict and prevent problems, and reduce their capital expenditure.