Delphix enables companies to innovate faster by transforming how they secure, manage, and deliver data in applications, databases, and file systems. With Delphix, application teams can deliver projects twice as fast while using half the infrastructure. Over 250 industry-leading companies worldwide — such as JP Morgan Chase, Verizon, and Apple — are leveraging Delphix to unleash their data and deliver more innovation at speed.

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Industry focus

Our partnership with Delphix provides solutions that span industry verticals including finance, insurance, high-tech, life sciences, manufacturing, retail, energy, communications, and services across the globe.

Solution focus

Delphix provides data virtualization and masking software that make development and operations teams more agile and productive across a variety of horizontal practice areas such as DevOps, Test Data Management and hybrid cloud.

Partnership highlights

We entered an alliance with Delphix to transform how businesses manage and consume data, improving their velocity and agility. The union of Delphix’s data virtualization and masking technologies and our expertise in digital transformation creates a unique competitive advantage for both enterprises through differentiated service offerings across both vertical and horizontal practice areas.