Data validation is of utmost importance at operational level to ensure quick data and environment availability, and accurate data being available in all environments with sensitive information masked. The absence of the above basic conditions leads to increased effort, penalty owing to compliance non-adherence and reputational loss in many cases.

Infosys Data Operations Testing offering helps companies streamline Enterprise Data Integration, Data Quality validation and Data Security in non-functional environments to transform enterprise testing solutions. This enables cost-effective innovative measures of automation, machine learning and simplified data operations.

Infosys Data Operations Testing offering includes:

  • Automated Data quality and lineage checks
  • Test Data loading in non-functional environments
  • Test Data masking and provisioning
  • Managing Batch executions

Looking for an Enterprise Data Operations Solution?


Infosys Data Operations Testing offering helps provide:

  • Integrated Test Data Provisioning in an environment by leveraging Infosys IP solutions and custom tools
  • Continuous monitoring of all data pipelines and services to ensure smooth flow of data across systems
  • Cost reduction by 30% due to synergy in testing and support team
  • Improved Data Quality leading to Business transformation through 100% test coverage
  • Usage of best practices and appropriate tooling to reduce time to market by 20%

Challenges & Solutions

Test Data Provisioning helps provide scripts and checklists to validate environment readiness. It ensures loading & sub-setting of data for ETL and Big data testing and checks data quality of the source files.

Data Health checks help in carrying out smoke and statistical validation. File, Database, Tool access and Code migration checks are done to ensure end-to-end data integrity.

Data quality is ensured by running automated queries for business rule validation and data reconciliation during data migration. Right data sampling techniques help in covering multiple data scenarios.

Batch support helps in execution of a batch job in a 24x7 mode along with automated alerts and troubleshooting. It provides scripts and checklists to validate environment readiness before test execution.